the puzzle piece behind the couch that makes the sky complete

elizabeth's life of epic 90sloveheadexplosion tour continues. before dave shoots my teenage throbfantasy on tuesday, i will be at bowery tomorrow night to watch evan dando sing it's a shame about ray in it's entirety.

is it AWESOME or RETARDED to have your 8th grade dream come true at 29?

who cares!
i am so so so so excited.
i talked to my ex-bf about it and he was like, it's gonna be full of old people dude. i was like, you are 31. i am 29. we ARE the old people, dude. deal with it.

i don't give a fuuuuck- i get carded at rated r movies. i look like a kid and i am basically 14 in my mind sooo..there you go.

life is good.
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