sam mason, you on notice

so...i was home sick on monday and spent all day whining, on the couch, in pajamas.

and i don't know if you all KNOW this, but DAYTIME TELEVISION BLOWS.

ohhhh my god. there was nothing to watch. except the TOP CHEF marathon. which got me addicted. so now i have a new show to dvr and i love it. just watched the first episode of the new season and um...hi:

new supercrush: SPIKE.
a GINGER GREEK JEW! holy shit! dream combo!
(his real name is something like eleftherios or manolis, i forget but it is some seriously greek shit! my dad would be so psyched!)

once i do a quick inspection to make sure there are no questionable familial connections through the horio, there are only 2 things standing in our way:

1. that hat
2. he might be gay

don't care, kinda love, new reason to like wednesdays


Anonymous said...

as james joyce said, "greek-jew is jew-greek".

T-Bonz said...

crap! he was sort of my dream man too. balls.

Vancouverista said...

wait a second...what????? i thought i was the only greek-jew on the planet

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