spread a little lovin

i was going through all the files on my desktop at work..it's a disaster area btw (shocker)..and found all these rykiel photos that i had wanted to post

the HAPPY part really got me. look! smiles! joy! it's shocking, non?

IMPORTANT: these towering oxfords; i am living for them...but i cannot find a detail shot of them, wtf? why be hatin on SR? also..a floppy bowtie, a la alber...sort of realllllyyyy cute.

at poppet there is a verrrrrry similar brown and black platform oxford situation..in a verrrrrry tiny 5 and half. if any of you pocket-sized girlies are interested, they are out there..waiting for you...

also; tri-color tights? yes please. at this rate, by this time next year i will be living in a refrigerator box on houston street BUT my hosiery collection will make a nice bed. plus i can coordinate my outfits with the trash. (derelicte?)

sonia rykiel f/w 08

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

goodness, i haven't done all my fucking paris posts yet either.
i love SR. all.toute la fantastique!!!
and yes a tights bed will slumber a gal right.
or you can crash on my couch.xx

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