springing forward

did you know you can take the train all the upper east part of this island of ours and see ART, lots of ART? true story! try it some time!

after omelettes and a million coffees at the pony, mr black and i trekked up to see the biennial at the whitney. quite a good time, especially since my work ID gets us is for free. you should go!

i liked it overall; dave's favorite part of the exhibit was the elevator. it plays the twin peaks theme song and the doors have "the end" written on the inside in scriptyfont

my favorite picture of the day:

mirror wall of frames with one cut out to frame the person on the other side..dave's top half, my bottom half.

a few more:

(click on ittttt. yay art))

we decided not to stop there and rolled over to the met to have a fancy lunch, see the courbet exhibit, and enjoy the CULTURE.

we also took a lot of photos. of dave. doing dave stuff. i laughed the whole time and generally enjoyed myself quite a bit.

dave with his friends, the knights and captains:

(click it! enjoy the blackness)

let's get semi-serious for a sec...
go see the courbet show!! it's so best!
he was pretty badass and self-described as 'the most arrogant man in france'. he also had a crazy beard and was fond of EROTICA.
they have a painting there that i saw for the first time in person this past summer at the d'orsay...'the origin of the world' which is umm..just ladyparts? it is almost just worth it to watch people's reactions to a straight up beaver shot, beautifully rendered.
titillation aside (hee!), the portraits are so beautiful. go go go!

i will end with my second favorite picture of the day.

so glad he's home.

dave reminded me..i forgot to mention how A) his pestering me in the restaurant FORCED me to say FUCK very LOUDLY and B) he said 'boner' in the hall of greek sculptures n stuff. i find both things to be sort of sacreligeous at the met. forgive me, art gods.

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