raquel's face kind of says it all. wtf marc. when you take a season off, you reallllly take it off.

but you know what, what do i know. maybe we will all want to look like kid from kid n' play by the time september comes around.

ps..i cant wait to see how cathy h and the rest of the critics spin this into some sort of GENIUS statement...it's basically his marc jacobs collection part 2, and they thought that was great, right?

louis vuitton f/w 08

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hard liquor; soft holes said...

c. horyn: "marc said backstage as we were sipping out of mini sofias that his inspiration for lv this season was about economic collapse and it was really apparent in a dress of sheening red fabric that while luminously reflecting light seemed to withdraw in on itself in pleats and folds and gathers apparently haphazardly (but in actuality excruciatingly intricately). also, he mentioned kid from kid and play as a touchstone."

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