we def drank champagne like it was coca-cola

what's everyone doing this weekend?

little miss lightning (aka "me") has been making a high-functioning liver a thing of the past this week.
last night MAY have been too epic, three coworkers having a "mellow dinns" became an all-night drinkfest complete with dramatic confessions, scandalous stories, and, in my case, a fixation on wu-tang's 36 chambers (don't ask, cuz i will never tell anyways).

gotta rest up; the citywide BLACKOUT ends tomorrow and the clouds will part and the reggae will fill the air when dave aka the lizard king will finally be back from california. i, for one, cannot wait.

why don't you chillibrate with some manfred mann? (boys, please note the perfect kinda short pants length & double-breasted coats...you should all be dressing somewhat like this)


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