white lightning / black magik

recently (while under the influence of strong protestant whiskey) one of my oldest and closest friends told me she thought that i was a witch and that i can cast spells.

yes. that is what she said.

i def thought it was the funniest thing ever and have been teasing her about it since. but tonight when bdonns was like, what do you think you were in a past life? i said witchy woman / priestess sorcerer gypsy lady (for the record? not stoned. just high on life). we went to a website that tells you such things (VERRRRRY reliable, obvs) and


i was a fucking FRENCH WARLOCK, DUDE! so many things make sense now.

watch out, that's allz i'm saying.

ps read his post about it, his past life was basically his life now


brendan donnelly said...

it all makes sense. just don't listen to stevie nicks.
-gob bluth

kate said...

um, i just found this site and did this thing, obviously for shits and giggles, and i got the SAME DAMN PROGNOSIS. so obvs, we were the same person in a past life.

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