you wrote your number on my hand but it came off in the rain

so much to post! LA stories and thrifty finds PLUS a breakdown of the hills last night. if you haven't watched the video i posted by the teenagers the other day, pleaseee do so now. that will prime you for the hillz discussion.

all coming later...i have a full-time job, ya know!

oh, in the meantime in-beween time you can read my latest column over at the ol' jobby job...



Gnarlitude Jen said...

ahhhahha omg is that the dudes from the show?? omg is the song about her? hahahahaha

love the column btw.

White Lightning said...

it's not the dudes, but it just FITS the episode SO PERFECTLY!!! except LC is kind of a prude. haahahha.

and thanks, i like this week's installment...

sleepyhead said...

omg....kimball and whitney's conversation?!?!?!?


in other words, bitch you ain't workin at teen vogue no mo'!

White Lightning said...

i know!!!
i fear kimball hastings, he is scary!

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