as sharp as i sting, it just soothes you doesn't it, like a lick of ice cream*

77 DEGREES yessssss!
first bare legs of the year.
it feels really naked.
and don't adjust your screens, i am really that white.
my parents are from the caribbean and the mediterranean regionz and somehow i ended up white-n-freckly irish. go figz.

it is a perfect day for:

minty waitress dress, thrifted and hemmed to white lightnin mini approval

apple pin..no idea where i got this..i have a collection of fruit pins. sometimes i wear them all together. ya know, fer kicks.

vintage 60s maryjanes from poppet

patent leather neon belt from UO

*bag of hammers is on permanent rotation and on my mind


ADF Photo said...

amazing. what a vision.

sleepyhead said...

holy bonkers. love the shoes. and the mini dress.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

it is ALL SO GOOD!

brendan donnelly said...

copy cat. i'm wearing the same thing! i'm calling the ungrateful beautch hotline, or steve, for this infringement of this copy written fashion

see ya on the streets for a (fasion) turf war beautch.

-regina george aka j. alexander

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

yes please!!!

neon accents and poppets pleasure and divine dresstacular.

spring'08 is looking great.

badass bloggers bitches babes of blogtown session#1 on wednesday??

edgecakez said...

i love your fruit pin collection! i need more fruit jangles in my life. i only have one currently, which is a pineapple but i love it so. i feel like fruit jangles go with everything, ya know? one day you seriously need to take a pic of your jangle collection so the people can UNNASTAN. truthiness.

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