i am convinced that these 4 discuss shopping and outfits over texting and blackberry IM all day long.

this is my own imaginary reenactment of the correspondence between pharrell, murakami, nigo & KW before the BAPE party that these pics were taken at:

murakami was like, OMG, i am wearing the SICKEST headbnd tnite!!! marc gave it 2 me it says LV on it, don't be jelz kan, i'll get u one too! lolz. also have a dope nkclace, nigo don't wear yrs 2, k?

then pharrel is like me n neeg are wearing hatz n hoodies tnite. k dubz, you gonna wear yrs?

then kanye writes nah brah doin t richardson steez tonite, just gonna roll thru fer a sec, totes bummin from breakup..come over after partay and watch the hillz w me? tak, i hate u that headbnd is sooo sweet!

nigo just sends pictures of himself and his shoes. and sometimes nonsense letter jumbles or he does one of those youtube rickrolls.

basically the same threads of conversation i have with my friends.

UPDATE: just look at the pics on K Dubz blog...you know i am sooo right

ps this is the kind of post that positively baffles my dad when he checks out my blog. DON'T DO IT, DAD. you're gonna hurt yourself!


Emily Sher said...

i laughed at this so much i feel goofy.

i heart polaroid said...

uR smart.
LOL 4realz

edgecakez said...

hahahhahaa. such truthiness bo. spread the words!!!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, you know nigo rick rolls himself. HAHAHAHAHA.

liza z. said...

yikes! comedy is ensuing all over my comp screen right now- you funny girl. have you seen Summer Heights High-highlarious, you'd def appreciate.

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