boys and girls in love

yesterday i had some family timez..went to a wedding.
family friends who are basically family and lots of wine and hanging with my dad and childhood bros while they smoke cigars and tell gross stories. kind of fun!

my parents hated my outfit (yes, this still happens at 29. i become 15 again and roll my eyes and whisper "ugh whateverrrrr, MOM" to my sister in the back seat of the car..haaha)

i wore my new-ish sweet veen-tahhhge black dress. obvs, purple tights and fancy shoes just seemed to make sense. to me, this was perfectly acceptable and quite fancypants. (the momz disagreed)

i love this dress. it's all satiny and has a black on black floral print and it's swing-y and bell-y and kinda oscar de la renta-y aaand...i really love it, ok? my sister t-bonz said it was sorta marc. (shweet)

so obvs i needed some sort of jangle and so i wore this insane pin i got from someone at work...i guess it was the christmas gift that christian lacroix sent out to fash editors? apparently i am the only person who thinks it is so so smazing and should be worn. (yeah..the momz disagreed). it can also be a pendant! i love this thing.

some sister-sister details: t-bonz had an amazing silk dress in yves klein blue (so on trend, that t-bonz is) and a vint dior clutch...adding to mom's oh-god-elizabeth-what-are-you-wearing heart attack was my red st marks fakebans and a stripey vintage silk jacket (sigh..kinda cold again. this weather is bonkers)

fash sidenote:

brother of the bride, my original bro (epic bromance since we were 7 years old, he's the best) was rocking a windsor knot that was so seriously epic – that thing was the size of my fist ! dang

ps, i realized that i said i probs wouldn't make a habit out of posting what i wear but..i guess i lied? oopsydoops.


laia. said...

that pin is amazing.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

everytime i go home. i get picked up at the train by my mom. and she says things like it's so hard to recognize you, looking like a hippy, a mod-ster, an 80's hair band groupie, and so on..no she doesn't know about 80's bands but all i'm saying is, i think it's still fun to surprise them. and i love st. marks shades. almost got the pink kanye shades drunk on friday night.
also. i'm glad for mirror self portraits with your face in'em. and also i'm a big fan of sir brosephs massive knotting. and when do i meet your seemingly sweet sis??

Enfievre said...

im gonna have to disagree with moms. you look amaze.

elizabeth said...

thanks ladies!

nohing makes you feel like a teenager like a disapproving mom glance.

louisita: my sister has an allergy to "cool" and so getting her to brooklyn/les can be a chore..but i am gonna make her come out one night!

jen said...

I finally have a chance to say how much I adored your outfit! That Lacroix pin is seriously seriously the best and looks amazing how you wore it.

edgecakes said...

that pendant situation is amazing! you and t-bonz are the SECOND hottest sister combo i know (i mean, gotta give my own props first OBVS to preserve the family name).

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