C. B. 4 EVA

my thoughts on last night's gossip girl:

i love you

i love you

i love you

i love your sweater

(is that a BASS? visual punz!! intargia cardigans rule..i have a collection! not shocked, are you?)


Wendy said...

Chuck is the most stylish out of all three of the guys.

July Stars said...

NOOOOOO, you have to stop this or at least put a spoiler alert before you start talking about GG and Chuck Bass. I'm in London! I haven't seen any of the new episodes yet ....

White Lightning said...

but i didn't tell you anything!

he is HOT there is no spoiler alert for that!!

i will warn in the future, i promise!

roxanne said...


no, f'real though, ditto.

love him.

S. said...

He is so fucking gorgeous.

Pure sex.. I think is the way he plays this arrogant guy...I dunno.. I just don't mind seeing more pictures of him. =D


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