a cause des garcons

i made a bet last summer with someone about who would have a better career..the virgins or vampire weekend.


those douchey mcsweaterwearers may have been on SNL and endorsed by pitchfork (pfft) but donald, wade & co. have been in purple, the new vogue hommes and, ahem, T magazine (totes like NINE months ago dudes! catch up!). as far as whitelighnin' be concerned, this is a much better stamp of approval, record sales be damned. (and you know what? the record isn't out yet so i am waiting for those numbers)

here are some scans from the vogue story. shot by terry richardson and styled by beat bolliger (sigh sigh sigh, be still my heart!)

dang i love that donald.


jen said...

dude i still have not listened to vampire weekend (half and half because their name is retarded and i'm sure the music is as well) but the Virgins legitimately, well, rock. the band actually being good coupled with donald's model situaish doesn't hurt with press i'm sure but yeah i'd say it's all well deserved especially if they're doing this good with just an EP out!

elizabeth said...

jen, don't do it, you will vomit. those preppy aholes make me so annoyed.

heart the virginssssss

amy_a said...

the first time i heard that vampire weekend single, i knew it would end up on "The Real World". Ya know, that shot where they pan any given landscape in like fast forward sunset mode. Yeah thats where that song goes.

brendan donnelly said...

both those bands suck. sorry e.s.
they both just have too much, not enough talent. you knew i was gonna have to say it.

d black said...

Guys, I can't stand those ivy league pricks too, but.... Brendan no need to hate on the Virgins

laia. said...

vampire weekend is atrocious. i caught them on snl and was almost embarrassed for them. i cant believe the kids are falling for it.

microtard said...

In that last shot Donald kinda looks like he is channeling Obama.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

I like Paul Simon. Graceland was a great album.

Yes, the Virgins are indeed trendy and/or fashionable. Musically: BLAH-sé!

Modelizer said...

Can't wait to see the virgins again on the 23rd. They are so fabulous live.

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