a coat over pajamas is the best thing about winter

ok, i emerged from the fetal to forage for sustenance etcetera.
that was a mistake.
it's fucking cold outside and how can a grey day be so GLARINGLY BRIGHT?

please allow me to amuse you with a collage of the 3 celebs i have seen on houston by my house in the past 2 days:

the brody sighting caused heart palpitations and a minor throb cuz the face is sooo busted hot but he was dressed like a yoga instructor and that was not sexy. alexander wang looks like a pretty gal with perfect skin. whoopi looks like this picture.

rewatching the office. can you just come over and bring me some more coffee?

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hard liquor; soft holes said...

whoa whoa whoa, i saw alexander wang on houston today, too!

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