before the debauchery saturday night casa black aka the ludlow men's shelter became warhol's factory and us three knuckleheads finished on our skateboards for the stoked sessions auction.

i kinda love mine! if you are in LA, go to the auction and bid on it! it's for the kids, man!

anarachy - westinghouse - euro - dolla - peace - scorpio - euro...sick!

(i had a special "art day" outfit on that was a denim smock dress shirt and neon yellow crocheted over the knee socks. it seemed like the right thing to wear. crazy art teacher steez)

we basically made ourselves as skateboards.

from top:
me, brendan, dave&brendan collab, dave

go bid on them!!!

(brando has a more in depth PROCESS post over here )


laia. said...

oh shit that is fuckin rad!

Gnarlitude Jen said...

no way!!!!! these are so killer!!!

the gmh. said...


Westinghouse = $$$

I like it.

White Lightning said...

graham, duh..i was thinking of you when i did it, i basically started with the westinghouse and went from there

paul rand tribute board!!!

(also, thanks guys!!! i hope someone buys it tomorrow!)

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