cuckoo colorblind

i have a firm belief in treating your most outrageous things (ie RED TIGHTS, DOLLA SIGN JANGLES) like they were neutral and just assume they go with everything.

you know who feels the same? anouck!

today i had that picture in mind and so i went with turquoise-purple-minty florals and my superhero red perma-tights.

sidenote, these faux-chlo wedges were 9 dollars clearance at old navy last summer...i wear them all the time and they are so fucking easy to walk around in, i kind of want to kill myself for not buying 14 pairs. oh well. here's to hoping they last another year...

pps you can see the psychotic eruption of my colored tights drawer in one of the pics..don't be afraid. and i refuse to confirm or deny the existence of 2 more drawers exactly like it.

ADDENDUM: how come i am just noticing that my mirror is all funhouse-y? the right side seems all warped! maybe i am just warped.


laia. said...

yes. yes. and yes.
all three components are rad.

i am jealous of your tights drawer.

sleepyhead said...

this is one of my favorite outfit posts! i love that you wear bright tights like it aint nobody's damn business.

Anonymous said...

anouck lepere rocks it!!! red tights are so hot!!! You did a good job! ;-)

S. said...

Very well done.

And I am quite against colours..haha.

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