did you really love the 90s?

teenage fashion inspiration/girlcrush, manda rin from bis!

oh, i loved bis.
and i loved manda.
my style at 15 / 16: parted hair, tiny barrettes, thrift store Ts (when it all seemed like such a crazy new idea...), dresses with etnies...

i went to one of their shows (i WISH i could remember where, but wherever it was i bet the place is closed now) and i had to go talk to her and be a nerd tell her how i saw her in seventeen doing a shopping story and it was so funny and she was like ugh my god i know so embarrassing! she was so cute. i also remember her having a tamagotchi? (holy shit, so 90s!)

also jake fogelnest was also there, i guess they were friends?
this may be an east coast/nyc area 90s reference..but he had a cable access show called squirt tv (it was on mtv at some point) where he interviewed bands like the beastie boys and sonic youth but he was this 13 yr old kid. we're the same age and so at the time i thought he was the cooolest thing ever.... i was kinda psyched on him too but too scared to say anything.
sidenote, now he's a DJ on the indie station on sirius (umm.. satellite radio is a serious addiction of mine that i passed on to brendan...you can listen to howard stern and indie rock all day long with no commercials; my sister got it for me for xmas 3 years ago and its my favorite thing ever) and i find something oddly pleasing about that.

i am digging out my bis cds and having a dance party in my bedroom, you are all invited. (plastic barrettes optional)


Cate said...

gosh, the 90s were great, and even though i was like seven years old then my friends and i always styled ourselves like the older girls who were our role models ^^

hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, squirt tv was on mtv briefly, too. i remember him interviewing two dudes from kids in the hall and the dudes pulling out a playboy from underneath jake's "pillow" (b/c it was coming from his bedroom) and making the first "pages are stuck together" joke i'd ever heard. also, i distinctly remembering him interviewing the kostars (two chicks from luscious jackson's synth-pop band). he is totally balding now.

brendan donnelly said...

squirt tv!! thank you for that blast from the 13 year old past. i totally remember him on public access and then mtv (sellout)

do you remember "senator jerry jer?" aka tampon man, or was that just a ct public access thing.

next weekened we need to go to mcdougal street records and get nostalgic.

amy said...

gaaaah! i totally saw bis open for pavement in college...would have been around 97.
P.S. that first pic in your post could have just as easily been taken last night at DING DONG DANG

microtard said...

That show was at Tramps! I know, it was on my BIRTHDAY.

elizabeth said...

omg omg OMG IT WAS, WASN"T IT????


oh shit you rule!!!

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trudatnyc said...

man i remember squirt tv! and his hyper-typefaced logo. i still watch public access hoping for something as quality but alas, nothing as cool as his show. le sigh.

thanks for the memories.

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