el scorcho

i have one white thing. (ok, not countin' shoes)
it's this bananatown marc by marc skirt-overalls-jumperish thing that i bought last summer at loehmann's for like, 40 dollars. it's pretty much the sickness. it's all VERY WHITE and weird buckles.

lacroix pin (new everyday accessory)
brendan donnelly velvet underground album cover tee (i really think these are the coolest fucking t-shirts ever, and not even because they are brendan's. jen thinks so too)

ps, gnarly bakery string belt is my addition as well. i actually keep that thing in my drawer, it's literally string. i like it. no idea where it came from. the jumper came with a belt but i can't find it. oops

pps, look at that pile of laundry! it might be as tall as me. dios mio.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'm still waiting on my BD T..darnit!
and i think my laundry is the same size pile my like minded lady.
p.s. babes of blogtown meet up. my monday and tuesday dates just fell thru, either work for you?

brendan donnelly said...

do your laundry.


ps... don't put pictures of yourself on the internet for the world to see. pervy old men now know where you live and can break into your apartment...

(said like a true mom, in mom voice, when describing putting your picture on the internet)

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

p.s. love the belt

Anonymous said...

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