everything's gonna be alllllriiight

ok, i have no problem with posting about my various throbfests (for mark ronson, chuck bass, assorted bearded bejangled bros, cisco adler...) but i have held back one because he is FRIENDS with stevie and it seems to creepertown, usa to let it be known when it's that close to home.

but let me say that :

A. he is a full on internets-known dude and my crush on him was totally blog-based, (cuz he is insanely funny), BEFORE I EVER MET STEVE. swear to kanye, true story. (edge can vouch for this)

B. his PICTURE was posted on GAWKER and so, like, that is tooootes a public forum, not creeperzville stalking to love it, right? (right?)

C. steve already embarrassed me fully by telling said crush all about my internet love for him and so what does it matter now?

D. i will wager he never reads this.

and so i will blog it.
cuz steve sent me this video that dude posted today and it's just all too much, i can't keep quiet any longer. i mean...i don't care, i will just try to never run into him so i never have to die of mortification, right? (easy!)

i mean..alicia keys lip-synch? i am dying. it's all too good.

ps: wait, i just realized he's kind of mr kotter.
wait, they have the same name!
wait, for the record that is maybe hotter to me.
omg. pray for me.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i approve.

way more awesome than chuck b.

edgecakez said...

oh SNAPS! the longstanding cc-crush comes to the public forum. it was high time anyhow. if you hold a throb in for too long, your vag will explode. true story, bo.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i wouldn't worry too much. he doesn't even read my blog, although you have 10,000x more WEB-PRESENCE than i do.

T-Bonz said...

I mean....I sort of have the words to Mariah Carey's dream lover floating around in the back of my head (because when is my head NOT a gay disco???) and swoon as little cartoon hearts flutter around his bearded-ness. Srrriuosly????

OH, and double WHAT: My Friend Stacy went on a date with Spike Mendehlson. yes. THAT Spike Mendehlson. Yasu y Shalom.

White Lightning said...


who is STACY and how do i GET THE INFORMATION

meldaresearchusa said...

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