fashion ebola

this is some nassssssty ass bullshiz right here.

i can't get a bigger version of this picture; je suis desole, homies. but it's paris man hands hilton leaving a tanning salon or the tranny shoe store or whatever the ballz she does on an average afternoon.

see that thing on her shoulder?
i am going to wager that this is a paris brand hangbag that is an "homage" to the marc jacobs bags that i want in a desperate painful way:

maybe i'm wrong. i hope i'm wrong. but if i'm not, this is heresy.
she's ruining it for me, and i am getting upset. ew!!
that tacky ass tranny needs to stop herself. (wait, did i just become christian from project runway? fashion rage does that sometimes)


July Stars said...

I saw this bag the other day and ... let Paris Hilton have it: it ain't that great!

laia. said...

is that even real?
i love that bag too. dont worry. everything will be ok.

shes a total tickety-tack-tranny.

Anonymous said...


elizabeth said...

who boring what? me? i am ? i am totally boring. you should go somewhere else.

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