from the vault

i came of age in that starry time of indie loveness the 1990s, the epoch
of miss worldness, and so, somewhat fittingly for girls of the tristate, i have a deep affection for a betsey johnson frock.
bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, school dances (remember my junior prom dress?), any chance to wear a loco velvet babydoll dress i went for it; i wanted it from BJ and i wanted it with ripped fishnets.
(i am still looking for the magic box that has my 2 identical velvet&lace betsey dresses from high school, one in mint, one in ivory. i feel like my sis has them secreted away somewhere...t-bonez i am looking at YOU)

so i buy vint betsey from time to time...the nostalgia takes me over i guess. i prefer the 90s but sometimes an 80s print is attractive- i bought this dress in 2002 after i moved back to new york..it is sorta retarded, i know..but let's not front, i love a bright tacky thing
it's def too long for this shorty lightning and has a lace-up beer wench situation on the chest but it had POCKETS and NEON FISH and it was 40 DOLLARS so i was like, i'll take it.

i used to pin it up and wear it like a bubble dress..i might do that again if i decide to take it out of retirement?

don't let agyness deyn mug me for it.


sleepyhead said...

aggy would mug you for it, i can soooo see her wearing doc martens with it.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i wanna borrow this slice of genius.
that is one of her super old tags--sweeeet find!

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