going for it

i had a lot happenin on wednesday and was running on only 4 hours sleep.

i did what i had to do, i.e. i wore the loudest combination of colors i could.
i kept myself awake by looking down all day.

hot pink h&m dress + neon yellow crocheted knee socks=red bull for your eyes

when dave saw me he said "i guess anything goes in the oh ohs".
words to live by!

UPDATE: louise always appreciates my insanity.


sleepyhead said...

hey where did ya get those sweet knee socks?

July Stars said...

I like, like, like the knee socks!!!

White Lightning said...


the socks are from a store here in new york called the god the bad and the ugly !

White Lightning said...

the GOOD the bad and the ugly.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

seriouslyseriouslyseriously i am loving the dress. i posted a while back about this incredible pink YSL dress this woman at Hyères had on (visual: http://www.gnarlitude.com/2007/05/20/the-dreams-of-a-ridiculous-girl-part-one/ and from what I can see, yours is totally reminding me of hers. Now vying for a photo of the fulll dress. i also completely love yellow and pink together. Very epic.

White Lightning said...

dude, i know that post and dude i was SWEATING THAT sooo hardcore as well. that dress is everything.

i will take a pic for you! it's h&m's version of lanvin last spring, i def love it but i have not treated it well (i wore it a LOT last summer) and its kinda got little stains and wrinkles but i can't stop dragging it out.

ysl girl trumps me in every way but i will show ya.

laia. said...

whaaat? those socks are AWESOME. Neon Yellow? I'm there.

Beverly said...

haha, i have those socks! put them in the window last week, thanks for the gbu shoutout. i like to retranslate the knee socks as scrunch socks, totally ridiculous.

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