groove IS in the heart, dudes

"dude, we def broke a hundo last night"

that was dave's first comment to a raspy bleary sleepy me this morning when i answered the phone. [oh, sorry, do you need a translation? "there had to be a 100 people on that roof at some point last night."]

were you there? i think i saw you!
i know i probably said hi.
i have party ADD, i get so amped to have everyone i like all in one place that i bop around like a pinball and get all bonkers. sorry bout that. i loved seeing all a y'all.

FACT: everyone you know in new york knows someone else you know in new york and there is nothing you can do about it. (sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's not)
brynn brought a posse that included my friend stephanie from high school; i have not seen her in 10 years at least and there is no rational linear reason that they should know each other. WHAT! life is weird. in a good way! (sometimes?)

there was another dude named D. BLACK at the party!
we had to kill him because there can only be one.

brendan brought me presents: ANIMAL-PRINT SLAP BRACELETS. jealous!?!? you should be.

ivan played dee-lite. that's enough to make my night right there (simple pleasures, brah)

all my favorite ladies came (almost all..) and i am dumb and didn't take pictures but i am going to do a future post on the sickness that is the fashion sense of the girls i am lucky enough to know..they are all amaze. truth!

there were lotsa new friends and lotsa old ones and i hope a shweet time was had by all.

opening day was epic.
if this was the harbinger of summer parties to come then i will be a happy girl.

yaaaaaay summer !

my laptop has been busted for 2 days and i was having a heart attack.
s'ok now.
my name is elizabeth and i am addicted to the internet.
it's so good when it hits your lips!


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

glad to hear bout the computer fix..when it's broken, the internet is like when you've been wearing a watch for ages and then it breks., and you realize you actually look at your wrist like 30 million times a day. you go to google, and you feel neked.

Beverly said...

that party was tarded. the alternate d.black lives in my bff lauren's old bedroom...weirdtown. everyone i've ran into the past two days was a. at the party and b. apparently saw me being far less discreet than i imagined myself to be. oy vey, and i was sober, i don't even wanna know what happened to the rest.

microtard said...

Groove was mos def in the heart. thanks.

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