the gum smacks are the pulse i'll follow if my walkman fades

new addiction..muxtapes!

i like you all so much i made one just for you.

i let DBLACK name the inaugural mux and so i present to you: MOSQUITO BITS, the whitelightning muxtape. (click it! dooooo iiiiiittttttttt)

spring sprungin, things movin.
a little old, a little new
sugar on my tongue gives me the fever.

i hope you likes.


d black said...

YES!!!! this is getting me so ampted for the summer, the community pool that burns your eyes, the smell of coconut suntain lotion and girls in tiny bikinis with Mosquito BITS.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

awesome! my favorite part of 'pop queen' is that liz phair and rebecca spinanes do back-up vocals on it. also, the first concert i ever went to was ben lee when i was 14. claire danes was there (in detroit).

elizabeth said...

steve...sometimes you make me feel old. when i started getting into ben lee HE was 14. dios mio.

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