he mesmerized her ass

perhaps i judged ye too quickly, ms portman.

forgive me, i will admit i was kind of..thinking you were, how do you say? a retard? because you told a teen mag recently you never realized that a lot of the world is pretty poor. (uh, harvard?..really. really? mmmkay. )

you know what?
i am going to let this all go. you are a kindred spirit and i need to recognize that. your new man is DEF the apotheosis of the dirty bearded bejangled ideal and so..you are kind of awesome. let's not front, there is no topping devendra.

game recognize game


hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, you can't deny how good she was in 'the professional' either. i have allowed her to be all kinds of shitty even after she hit puberty because of that movie.

cm said...

i know, i read that and was like WTF?
she even looks like nicole now lool
kisses from mexico city
blog me blog me

Anonymous said...

"There is no topping devendra." Amen.

Anonymous said...

NOT ok. she totally faggotises him...id bet my ass he wouldnt wear those retard-white wayfarers if he werent wrapping his arms aroung Padma over there... ugh.

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