i cheated myself like i knew i would

just taking stock:
newly thrifted shoes, bloody knee*, same old mess

*i got accidentally shoved on the way to work and fell down. skinned knees when you are an "adult" are kind of embarrassing. this happens more than i would care to admit. sexy!


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Those shoes look amazing. but seriously, skinned knees will always be hot and awesome (and i've had lots of dudes tell me that so we're doing something right, right?) and how you kind of accentuate it with the knee socks is very rad.

White Lightning said...

thanks jen! tryin to do what i can with what i got.

i am in love the shoes, i am wondering though if i should cut the tongue out? bc the "laces" are elastic bands hooked on buttons and i feel like it might be cooler to have tights or skin showing through them? hmmm. have to think about it.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

I think that would actually be a great idea.

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