i don't wanna look but i'm already hooked*

once you start to get deep in the fashion blog scene you run the risk of daily shame spirals..you end up a little worn out by the sheer volume of girls in the world that are just SO MUCH cuter than you and have better clothes.


the pictures either end up in a folder i will just call "kill me now" or an email to ece that is titled something like '..um, yeah, TRY NOT TO CRY'.

i present to you the recent additions to girls i love slash kill me now:

mexico city girl by the facehunter:

i want the dress, i want the legs, i want to be her.


oh, ok, french, perfect bangs, and the REAL chloe shoes that i wanted. tiny heartbreaks.


this is all ece's fault; she was like, you will love this girl's clothes you must check out this wardrobe remix thing (i still can't really handle it, too..many...outfits...) and so OF COURSE she was RIGHT and i kind of live for this finn. i could pick any outfit but this one has bonkers hair accoutrement and so it wins.

random girl on stockholm street style:

this is a look i will never be able to pull off..carefree swedish pixie. she's so CUTE. dunno, something about her made me smile.


ok first? RHIANNON? why does everyone has better NAMES too? 'elizabeth' BLOWS! rhiannon is AMAZING. plus she is wearing the little orphan annie dress of my dreams (ranna has one too; i have seen it). and she kinda has perfect hair too. wtf!!

this girl from stil in berlin (thanks brini!)

this is like..secret jealousy desires. i would love to be able to dress kinda like a cool boy; skintight jeans and crazy kanye-esque sneakers and ray-bans. this will never happen. and so i look at pictures like this and sigh.

even though this song is really about ex-girlfriends just pretend it's not.


laia. said...

Ah! I feel the same way about that facehunter girl from mexico. i want that dress. i'm sure if i had it, it wouldnt look as cool. and thats when i gently weep.

style.street said...

i know what you mean. i wanna be cute!

Lieb & Teuer said...

I love Alix and Ranna! They just know how to dress in a special and fun way - and what is really worse, they are so pretty! Damn! ;-)

The last girl is from Berlin btw(http://stilinberlin.blogspot.com).

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i feel you. it is exhausting, yet inspiring and certainly not good for the credit card or the perpetual hunting/cravin instinct.
i want that orphan annie dress and i want to be able to wear long leather gloves without thinking, "is this just a little too much?", just as i'm about to exit the apt..
i do have to say that the long sleeve under the strapless is a great idea for bra wearing gals. i never wear them, haven't tried one in years. gotta say i could get down with that.

edgecakez said...

gonna go warm up the noose now...

White Lightning said...

brini--thank you, i could't remember where i grabbed the pic from

edge..the rabbit hole just gets worse

sleepyhead said...

ranna and rhiannon are two of my favorites. i also check up on sally jane everday. it kinda makes me jealous looking at other cute girls.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i knew a girl in high school named rhiannon. just a cause and effect of babies born to parents who were teenagers in 1976-- so um...most early 80's babies.

god bless all tall skinny coat hangers. i am a fan of looking like a doll.

Jimena said...

oh oh oh...

i kow exactly what you mean.

its a total tragedy, going through this unending blogsphere of amazing girls that just make you want to die this very second.

although you and your blue-purple tights are starting to make me feel the same way.

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