i refrain from saying that's what she said. it's a daily struggle

i can't believe i haven't written a praise lord n jesus n baby jesus post yet about the return of the office & 30 rock. perhaps its cuz i am too busy watching the episodes 47 times?

who is STILL not watching these shows?? what's wrong with you, meng? you crazy. straight up. (except my dad. the office makes him too uncomfortable. leave him alone, he's foreign!) i have yet to have someone NOT convert to office obsession after a minimarathon. there are stages, btw, bdonns and i discussed it..you reach a point where you stay up late to watch disc 3, season 3 with deleted scenes, just "one more timmmmee maaannnn" (junkie voice).

the new ep of the office was so so so sooooo uncomfortable i watched it like a horror movie, through my fingers while i said ooooohmygodohmygodooooomygod over and over. the only neg was a mere 2 seconds of kelly kapoor which is sooo not enough. 30 rock had a cathy cartoon joke which is so beyond. and she said fried baloney hole! (i wish liz lemon was my babysitter)

this is how i'm getting through my hangover. at least 3 more viewings of each of the new episodes. and i will eventually post about the OBTAINING of said hangover. as soon as i have more brain power.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

dude, SOOO hung over. drinking a bottle of maker's mark was not the best idea i've ever had.

laia. said...

baaha i did the same when I was watching the office, it was so awkward that i got embarrassed for them and was looking away but peeking with my peripheral vision while laughing like a hyena.

i mean, jan's dancing? jesus.

brendan donnelly said...

i don't trust people that say "i've never seen the american office" or "the british office is soo much funnier"

you know what im saying, we've both watched it each 5 times by now

Leti said...

Do you read Mindy Kahling aka Mindy Ephron Aka Kelly Kapour's Blog? It is the bestest ever of alwayz.
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Sarah said...

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