i'm blushing

mr brendan donnelly aka bdonns aka james deanally aka the preppy killer aka new york's finest is one of my besties. a super bro, if you will. we text every day, we talk about the office constantly, we waste a lot of time together and he has top 4 myspace status (not to be taken lightly). we like to talk about "work" which is our code for "blogging" because we feel a need to not sound like giant a-hole losers out in public.

brendan's blog is like talking to brendan..full of dirty hippie rasta goth industrial stoner african street vendor mystikal youtube freestyle walking teen parking lot hijinks 90s nostalgia weird but true references AKA insanely hilarious.

well today my stars must be aligned because i got my own tribute post and it is cracking me up. brendan decided to do his own version of fashion references and documenting looks...it basically defines next levs.
the funny part is that brendan has really specific ideas about his own looks that are like, so right on and just as valid as my goofball musings. he'll be like..dude, this summer i am all about seinfeld white sneakers and a connecticut preppy haircut and vuarnets (that was summer 07) (oh and i still have your white vuarnets brendan..and no i am not giving them back).

i kinda think that some fashion insiders should take note because weekend at bernie's is RIPE for a) a remake and b) a house of holland tribute collection.

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brendan donnelly said...

hahaha I LOVE YOU BOO!

summer 07: seinfeld was my jam.

summer 08: is all about jamaican refugee meets preppy dreamboat with a twist of vinegar.

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