it's not a house, it's a condo

you guys..the hillz was kind of SUCKY the other night!! wtf?!?? i am so so OVER lauren and heidi's fight...it is boring and dumb. bring back justin bobby. get lo a boyfriend. i need a new plotline. i was so annoyed that this is what was going on inside my head:

"omg, heidi's bathroom tile is tooooooooootes brenda and brandon walsh shared bathroom on 90210 steez." also: "nice chiclets, montag"

"i need to find that episode where dylan takes a shower cause he was fixing a car engine and brenda sees him all nekkid and sideburned" also: "wait, luke perry WAS hot once wasn't he...dang."

i swear i read books.


sleepyhead said...

omggggggggggzzzz. have i got a story for you!

so i work at urban outfitters and yesterday i was taking my little break, eating my minestrone soup. every season they send out a little newsletter about what magazines and blogs to read.

yours was featured!!!

it said - feelslikewhitelightning.blogspot.com sometimes it does feel like that. fashion.

exciting? i think so! weird? a little!

oh, they also included the sartorialist....


White Lightning said...

i slowly taking over.


haaaha awesome

brendan donnelly said...

remember when michael scott pointed to his poster of james dean and he said something like "what would luke perry do"
is that what he said? you have a better memory than me

ps- i had the biggest crush on jenny garth growing up

Anonymous said...

did you ever catch luke on broadway as brad majors in rocky horror show?

it looked like this:


i actually owned a shirt as a pre-teen that said "I <3 dylan mckay." man, i'd love to have that to sell on ebay.

(i hate 'the hills.' the sound of those two girls chatting may as well be that of two chihuahuas yapping at each other.)

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