it's too early for this but i can't help myself

so the douchetorialist has created a little CONTROVERSY over at the ol' site, by posting a pic of girl who he declares has BAD OUTFIT AND NEEDS A HAIRCUT AND OL SARS IS GONNA MAKE HER OVER.

uh, ok, WHATEVER.

what i find interesting is that ranna, amazing superadorbs shame-spiral-inducing ranna, has a hateorialist post over at her blog and SARS has commented. go read the discussion, it is all very level-headed and polite. not like what happens over here.

here is a quote from sars that makes me want to fucking slap him though:

"also I have never thought of my site as a "Street Style" blog. I shoot what i see around me but I just happen to like shooting in natural light. it is a small difference but very important."

oh are you fucking KIDDING ME? oh, you self important ahole. get a life.



Sally Jane Vintage said...

I'm inclined to agree with Ranna as well. I don't see anything wrong with that girl.

White Lightning said...

he makes me nuts. (obvs)

hard liquor; soft holes said...

well it's important to him, sartorially, for you to either (a) look like a model/eccentric old lady if you're a woamn, or (b) look like a fat old man in an expensive suit/thom browne if you're a dude. i mean, it's not a matter of not liking ugly people (but it is). it's a matter of believing that everyone should conform to a really bland aesthetic that trumpets the virtues of "personal style" but only if that "personal style" means "unexpected" splashes of color via pocket squares or scarves or "proportion play" via a big jacket or short trousers. also, if you're a black person, when you dress like a white person normally would YOU ARE A GENIUS. that's not condescending at all.


Gnarlitude Jen said...

oh man the above comment is fucking spot on amazing.

sleepyhead said...

OH MY HOLY SHIZZ ELIZABETH, HATEOREALISTS UNITE. that post on his blog is completely unwarranted. those boots are definitely bomb, and just because he thinks they don't suit her doesn't mean they make her legs look shapeless. it's his opinion only, he is the the final say on all things fashion, though he considers himself to be. this is one of the reasons why i seriously hate him.

White Lightning said...

jen, that is because STEVE is HILARIOUS.

girls (that's you too, stevie), i will unite against that loser anytime.

he just makes me so annoyed..EMPEROR's NEW CLOTHES!!

Anonymous said...

She wants to try it.

So does he.

What's the issue here?

If Tom Ford walked up to me and offered to make me over, would I be offended? Or would I say hell yes?

Not that he is Tom Ford but he has worked in fashion for 20 odd years, so he must know something.

Anonymous said...

Did Tom Ford walk up to thousands of people before you, snap their picture in some gesture of praise for their personal style and THEN offer to make you over because your personal style is, well, lacking?

My point is that the Sartorialist's (sometimes disputed) talent is for documenting fashion, not prescribing it.

I can't even fairly articulate why this whole thing puts a bad taste in my mouth but it really, really does. Get over yourself, Sartorialist. And like Elizabeth said, "STREET STYLE BLOG! STREET STYLE BLOG!"

Anonymous said...

He's just a high luxury ex-vendor of fashion. Not maker, not creator. And if internet intel is right, he started shooting people here and there IN THE STREEEEEEET while he was a stay-at-home-dad. So it's a street style blog. Even if he'd like to think of himself as a fashionist, he's still a man after all, hence he falls in the category "man" just as normally as his blog falls in the category "street style" (maybe he's offended by this title because his models are usually down from who knows what magazine ed room or out from who knows what luxury brand store).

Anonymous said...

back scratching and looking for new angle>>>> He said hed like to take her to the Gap (or Jcrew) only because Gap is shooting his portrait for the next set of ads..opps i just threw up a bit... otherwise fashion expert that he feels himself to be would not step a baby toe in the gap as a place of inspiration... im just saying you plug me i plug you.. oooh sounds naughty and perhaps the renovate her style is to try to keep himself separated from the 9 million other blogs that currently shoot fabu fashion people dressed in nice clothes . hmm maybe??

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