i've missed the hell out of you, my darlings

this may be the longest i've gone without posting in like 6 months. i will prefer to think of that as "dedicated" and not "pathetic".

sorry bout the lack of blogitude, i was living the high life in this magical land called "tribeca" where there is 'stroller parking' outside of restaurants and a lot of places to 'brunch'. i was apartment-sitting for the lovely dre and the password to her wifi was unknown. so no internets!

by the end of saturday i was basically like tom hanks in that movie where the volleyball became his bff. i found a crocheted blanket that was a really good listener and i feel like we really connected. thank god i survived.

things that happened :
1 i saw silent films where grasshoppers had illicit affairs and frogs looked for their king. not stoned, it was CULTURAL.

2 i went to a party where you had to wear pink (the dancing was amazing and my tights were about as neon as you could get and i have a newfound crush on a boy with a bowtie and dirty jokes. all the bros say he's bad news and so obviously i am intrigued)

3 i found out that dolla billz jangles and teal tights don't go over so well with the financial district crowd..no one really wants to talk to you. sad! haa.

4 i had 3 cab drivers that actually made me afraid for my safety..one was SCREAMING about how he has the toughest job in new york (firemen and policemen? meh! 9/11 only happens once in a blue moon! i swear he said all this). one guy kept turning around (while driving) to talk to me about rents. he was looked like ODB except he was an old puerto rican dude. he had the tiny hair dreads! the 3rd guy was just weird and insisted i sit in the middle of the seat and not near the door. i just thought that was a weird request. oh, he also claimed that smart water has sugar in it and that why its tastes so good. just fyi, in case you were wondering.

5 bret michaels didn't wear a head scarf over his weave on rock of love tonight and i thought i was going to die. add another one to the list of men who look like old lesbians. the finale is next week and if he picks daisy i might vomit (jim and chris are pro that chihuahua face, but i can't get behind that)

back to the usual tomorrow !


Anonymous said...


LDF said...

Yeah too bad Daisy probably already fucked CC Deville!
I really want an explanation for his hair. I feel like we all deserve an answer.

White Lightning said...

she tooootally fucked CC. her face is like a jell-o mold..so squishy and quivery. and SHINY.

bret, tell us. tell what is going on on that head.

pp said...

bret just called and said he can't think w/o his bandanner on.

odds that he gives ambre the meat this weekend??

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