ladyz of the canyon

i officially declare april 29, 2008 to be a day that will live in infamy:

the inaugural BABEZ OF BLOGTOWN event.
casa de besosyfotos was the scene of the crimez and miss sturges laid out a lovely table.

although after 6 hours (umm....) of wine (a lot of wine) and chattytimes (we all talk um..a lot. shocker?), this is what it was reduced to:

well, it was delicious.

roll call:

kat (those are KEDS! from JAPAN! you bitch! sickness)

lady louise (that sock shoe combo made my heart happy)



we took some minutes. (we are verrry official)
here is what i hazily remember:
kat said "yohji yamamadness" at one point and i died laughing. (she is so seriously funny, i can't take it)
i found out that louise had lived in spain and i was like, but you didn't learn any spanish??! her answer: "i was drunk. and i was scared" great response! (this one is pretty fucking funny herself)
i declared that someone's brain was "a fractured fucking spiderweb of freaktown". (well, it is! and i crack myself up most days.)

around 1 AM we remembered we had computers and kat may have actually blogged something.
louise uploaded some fotos.
i considered gchatting kat while she sat next to me. (aw, edge, shades of skyping each other from 6 inches away...)

i would say it was a seriously successful night.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

could we be more awesome..

god bless badass bitches and blogging and fancy footwear!

Beverly said...
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elizabeth said...

i am sooo going to crafternight next week, BoB had just been in the works for a while!

i have 9 million projects, don't you worry.

what'd you sew???

Beverly said...

i took down the hem that barneys fucked up on a pair of jeans and then i resewed like eight patches onto this amazing denim jacket i got at beacon's closet, i'll take a pic and uhhh...blog it...when i post the pineapple bong...sigh...

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