lazy sunday (my favorite kind)

i bought the new self service yesterday...yaaay! these are things i look forward to.
i drank tea and listened to muxtapes and tried not to be hungover (again! blerg).

there is a better cover with nekkidness but they didn't have it. oh well.

this issue is all jane how all the time!!


here are a few highlights (just a few):

i love the story with juergen teller:

black models, crazy braids, crazy apartment.
i love this picture of the girl on the floor. she is wearing the top of a satin clown costume ("model's own" ha) and i am like..wait..that looks really kind of cool (fashion dementia!)

holy shit, is-this-really-next-levsness award goes to lime green crocs (i will NEVER!)

(shot by alasdair mcclellan)

my favorite story is jane & willy vanderperre:

lots of face binding and coke can accoutrement. i want coke can accoutrement!
(louise...add it to the crafternoon list)

sidenote, i really love willy vanderperre. he shot the most recent jil sander campaign, those filmy tulle outfits sometimes juxtaposed with an animal skull and an arm...i think they are so beautiful. don't you want to wear one of those dresses, just for a minute?

there is also an interview with courtney love (shot by terry richardson)

creepertown! broken dolly, weiirrrrd.

the front of the mag has a lot of crazy alice dellal pics, you know, that brit model that looks like the tranny from the wedding singer?
she can wear pretty much anything and does and looks amazing. i will try to scan some of those for a later post.


laia. said...

i had been avoiding buying self service (because once i bought one i woulve had to buy all the rest and i barely have space for stuff as it is) but i did and its awesome. i want to bathe in it. (???)

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

green crocs. wtf? is that supposed to be some ironic like trucker cap thing.. i say hell fuckin' no. middle america and movie star children can fucking keep them....hopefully far away from me. give me a pair of birks any ole day.
crafternoon, yes'm..not sure how one sculpts a coke can to look so elegante. but i'm sure we could try.
p.s. nice lounging tights, sweetness.

Emily Sher said...

i wonder if the courtney love/dolls is supposed to evoke doll parts or if it's just me.

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