little things

i got my chloe laceups all shiny shiny shiny-ed up and they are a glossy sight to behold

that shiz only cost 6 dollars! sometimes it doesn't take much to make me hop around all excited..yaaaay


laia. said...

love these!
my closet is still (desperately?) in need of some wooden heels.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

Yay! These are incredibly beautiful. I think they were seriously made for you.

White Lightning said...

aw yaaaay, thanks gals

they were a total EBAY steal; it was right before the current high-heeled oxford explosion of love we are living in and like..no one wanted them!!

i have to say, i live for them. SO. SHINY!!

carina said...

wow! love the colours- blue and that oh so shiny wine-red! lovely :)

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