more about my life than maybe you ever wanted to know. part deux.

yesterday's happy hour was on louise's roof.
brendan was blogging, dave was shooting pics of louise styled by turner (zooey deschanel canceled the shoot d & t were doing with her and so SOMETHING had to happen with those clothes!) and i was dancing to PM Dawn.

the scene on the roof got all paris is burning realllllll quick.
this kid has got MOVES people...HOUSE OF DONNELLY !

video by miss louise.


Anonymous said...

hahaha omg best video ever

laia. said...

those moves!
i think i'm getting the vapors.
(it's even awesomer at work because my computer doesnt have sound).

brendan donnelly said...

house of donnelly.

i'm going places.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

so glad i decided to video. this in still would have never translated the honest breakdown, that could only transpire is such a way that is:
nerds of blogtown.
[cocktail hour and bloggers reunion again soon!]

Enfievre said...

this rules...house of lebeija!!!

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