nerds of blogtown

it was summer yesterday.
today was some grey cold octoberish bullshiz but yesterday it was june and it got everyone psyched and we all motivated and posse'd up for barz and loft partytimez.

kids, i want to be clear, i don't want to advocate using "party" as a verb all the time...just some of the time.
it's all fun and games til you feel like nick nolte's mugshot and watch a million hours of keeping up with the kardashians to deal with the next-dayness. (i have, for the most part, shielded you all from my love for this show out of respect but i have a really unexplainable thing for kim kardashian. but i digress..)

partytimez was basically a UN meeting of the blognerds..i will direct you to the links list on the left and that's who i was with. me and dave and bdonns (obvs) and steve and louise and jacqueline and bev and kat and jim and chris. to name a few. my digicam was out of service but i am pretty sure 900 photos were taken and will be posted on one of the 3 billion aforementioned blogz. (i will steal and add once that happens)

facts about the night:
1 teany green tea lemonade mixed with lots and lots of vodka is DELIGHTFUL.

2 i got burned by a douche's cigarette (and glenn stole a cucumber to soothe the burn, and i think me and chris ate it?) the douche had a puppy though, and i loved that puppy.

3 i declared LOW FIVES to be back in fashion. you heard it here first, brahs.

4 dave decided that mondays no longer exist. stay tuned for an announcement from mayor mccheese. he'll declare automatic tuesdays & hawaiian shirt wednesdays. the future will be awesome!

5 i woke up to find this in the pocket of my jacket:

it still had beer in it.
i think a certain someone's ethpaneesh boyfriend ethtole it from the house we were at and it ended up in my pocket. couldn't tell you when/how.

all in all a really good night.
i wore a dollar pilez dress accessorized with scabby knee and dolla jangle.
top must haves for summer oh-ate.


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

the fucked up thing about blogtown..

i was half heartedly watching the kardashian's when i read this post.

one of these days we should watch cable in tights while watching tv.

besos babycakes

brendan donnelly said...

duh? you're also forgetting "taco tuesday" and when i coined the term "grandpa issues are the new dad issues"

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

sorry if i seemed touchmenot-ish when you danced up and kissed my face that night. i was claustro-notdrunk-ophobic.

THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

didn't some weirdo also steal my glasses and with them the key to your heart?

White Lightning said...

oh christ, who knows kat. the key to my heart gets stolen like 93 times a day. pluuuuuus i was wasted.

Anonymous said...

HUH?! hahaha, elizabeth you are AWESOME,
kat dont get too ENTHUSIAST_ed...doesnt fell you well...

Beverly said...

oh man...remember tie-dye tie-dye baja goatee? the pictures didn't turn out. couldn't quite capture the beast in his nature habitat. thank you for helping me get the courage to approach saying, "dig your tie-dye, can i take your picture?"

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