why does summer inspire nostalgia?

i was given a mixtape in college by a boyfriend who really liked the who and of course this was my favorite song.

just wondering...how did the whole nehru jacket thing get started in the 60s? they're so goofball.

also..i have a major thing for pete townshend.
i love a big/broken/fucked up nose.
like...a lot.
is that weird?


Tiffany said...

not to be one of those people but i found your blog from the UO blog and i like what you have done. you, well blog you reminds me if i could ever make anything effing happen. i used to live in new york and am now in san francisco not that it matters to you just saying holla to a girl gettin it done. so this is actually about the bag of hammers posts. i really like that song too and feel like you should definitely love Lolita by throw me the statue. i love them in the same way. lame band name, good song.

edgecakez said...

bo, you LOVE a statement nose.

i would def bone that daltrey.

Graham Smith said...

am i crazy? was not the nehru jacket pioneered by jawaharlal nehru?

Anonymous said...

no worries, i love myself some big nose as well.

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