she's melllltingggggg

ombre ambre amber hombre is bret's rock of love!
sort of shocking ! because it makes too much sense! she's 37 and not all that dumb!

i loved how daisy was like 'you keep calling me a STRIPPER all the time' and ambre was like 'that is your OCCUPATION' and daisita chihuhuasita was like 'yeah but you keep SAYING it'.

aw poor daisy.
haahahaaa not really; i think she sucks.
bets on her getting her own show a la tila or new york...?

ps saw bret's naked head again last night and it still freaks me out. plus did anyone else think ambre's giant square nails + massage oil + bret bacne was nast? just wonderin.

1 comment:

sleepyhead said...

sorry, was paying attention to daisy throwing up on the boat.

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