so necessary

i stole this pic from louise:

that is NOT my necklace but sweet lord i want it to be.
this gal DJs at mama's on fridays and every time i see her i threaten to chloroform her and take that thing.
it's so BIG, not sure if you are really UNDERSTANDING the scale.
she said it was a gift from a long time ago..probs made in chinatown.

there are like 3 people in this world that actually call me lizzy but if you could get me giant ass nameplate like that, you can call me whatever you want.

anyone have any tips??????


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i totally went over there. for the sole purpose of taking this foto for you..
and i will keep my eye open for aforementioned loud lovely lizzy .

Unknown said...

hola. I make massive nameplate necklaces out of gold acrylic - not metal...but maybe you'd be interested?


Can make it any size you want...

Unknown said...

oh yeh - the necklace site is www.enfant-terrible-gold.com though I don't have the name ones up there as I just do them as one off custom orders.

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