sorry, they don't take requests

tonight i had a date with molinga for burgers and catch up time (soooo much to tell) and so we went to pianos cuz ivan & sam were djing.

there were 3 reasons you wish you were there:

1. ivan was looking quite handsome (ladies...seriously? this one is a catch.)

2. sam got next levs status with this fucking hat..what the WHAT? bonkersville. i think he said it was 10 dollars at the 99 cent store? that doesn't sound right. (uh..did i mention they have really good margaritas @ pianos?)

3. they played 'summer breeze' which is an all time fave of mine and just makes me long for a sunny lazy day makeout. you too, right?

you should really come next time.

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i wanna come sometime.

and soon!!

back from lala on saturday.and one of my best british buddies is in town next week. i need to show her a good time.

and p.s. i got a blog related tattoo today-in venice beach. seriously.


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