having a moment: my scorpion belt buckle

bought in may-hee-co in 2001 for about 8 dollars...i wore it non-stop for a better part of that year. i dug it out of the drawer yesterday and decided it deserves a renaissance. it's so HUGE; it actually looks supercute over a really girly high-waisted bell skirt (like i wore yesterday). between this and my dolla billz jangle i am really pushing my tacky-is-way-cool agenda to the limits. viva la revolution, meng


brendan donnelly said...

yes! tex-mexi-hattan for sure!
crazy aunt status is at level 6ish right now.
to achieve levs 10 by summer you must complete the following:

1. clogs or cowgirl boots
2. salt and peppered hair, braided (such a hot look btw)
3. tooons of jangly bracelets
4. huuuge shaw with crazy print worn in the summer
5. your "friend" is always with you
6. multiple crystal earrings and turquoise earrings
7. always have a roach on you
8. crazy toys bought for the neices (like when we went christmas shopping)
9. crazy tie dye tights (again, like when we went christmas shopping)
10. cats and birds. maybe a lizard

MAKE IT HAPPEN!! you're almost there!!

sleepyhead said...

whoa. thats awesome! never saw anything like that, except crawling all over my walls. oh wait, that's the cockroaches and silverfish. nevamind!

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