sugar on my tongue

ohhh whoa you guys. omg.
lil' white lightnin here is having a moment (no punz intended)..
summer weather outside, a ton of iced coffee, and i'm on the urban outfitters blog today!

holy crapballs !
i have been bouncing around the office all day like a lunatic because i won't lie, i am in a goood mood. (mmmkay the overcaffeination MIGHT be part of that...)

thanks jen, you are seriously so best


maria said...

i just found your blog through the UO site. awesomeness..

hard liquor; soft holes said...


jen said...

and I meant every word of that. ha ha
see more people are going to be just as stoked on you now as i am!

brendan donnelly said...

you're now the queen of the fashion blogista scene!
and i'm the
hardest lurking man in showblogness!

d black said...


Bubeau said...

I didn't know you were a siamese!

sleepyhead said...

i told you! haha, i told everyone at my store to read your blog. and then mine....


but yay for you!

Anonymous said...

lots of suck. now validated.

elizabeth said...

wait...is that a hate comment? very exciting! y sucking is supes validatable

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