the truth

this is the 3rd post in a week about thao (bag of hammers! summer song! check the muxtape) but i can't help it, i am so into her. look at her, so cute. new coolest girl evs.

last night (after roof vogue-ing, please see post below) we went to see she&him play at nyu. correction, *I* went to see THAO & THE GET DOWN STAY DOWN (who opened) and DAVE went to crush on zooey deschanel in the flesh. turner and l. sturg came to check the scene.


1. thao sounds like cat power on 500 red bulls and she is funny and she BEATBOXED and i was just basically feeling it 100%.

2. college students are fucking weird, man. everyone was like zombie faced while we were all cheering and dancing. i was totally mindblown when this girl pulled out her LAPTOP and was VIDEO CHATTING between sets! holy shit! the youth of america is SO BIZARRE!

3. this one might sting a bit. umm...
zooey is so cute and pretty and stylish and all that, the sound of her voice is lovely, don't get me wrong but...it was kind of a snooze. she's been sick i guess and canceled a show here and canceled her press and so i think she was not on top of her game but..dang.
she seemed like she wanted to be anywhere but on that stage and i was getting sleepy. (turner and louise peaced out halfway through! haa). dunno, it's just not my scene. sorry.

i would rather listen to this instead.


edgecakez said...

ohhhhh, i misss nyc showsssssssss. jellyballs! she really is so great and lovely and i need more of her in my life! i like she&him lots but they are kinda mellow so maybe better for relaxifying in the crib, vs show times. that zooey is sooo effing cute tho. ahole!

White Lightning said...

i don't know bo. i can't get behind it. i kinda want to roll my eyes! i have been told this means i have no heart but i DO i am just too much of and A_HOLE to get all dreamy eyed about this. i contend that her hotness is 95% of this album's success.

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