xpress yo-self

this lil' pint sized frida kahlo is really gonna be a terror in about 5 years, isn't she.

although la lourdes is reallllly gonna have to dig deep to come up with some kind of rebellion, no?
i mean, what shocks madonna? maybe eating refined sugar and becoming a nun.
she may have to resort to some alex p. keaton kind of shit.

ps, why are 12 year olds the forefront of cool right now?


laia. said...

love that little one!

LDF said...

When I was twelve, the coolest thing I owned was a mustard colored blazer and I would wear it with giraffe- shaped earrings.
Clueless. Completely clueless.

emily said...

i hate lourdes because of her clothes. she always looks so damn gorgeous and cool, she's like the next friggen lou doillon, and it pains me. she's just so cool, and i absolutely adore Madonna, despite the "kabbalah-fake-british-accent-also-i'm-trying-to-look-younger-these-days" thang she's got going onz.

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