you know it's bad when LC makes the she-pratt look nice

the hills is becoming so UNCOMFORTABLE to watch, you guys!!
i mean, we already know that LC is the worst friend evs but my love for lo is confusing me because she is so MEAN to audrina!
i can't believe they got a HOUSE but make her live in the BACK and ignore her.
mean girls, the true life story.

let's discuss the important issue, though.

justin bobby got a haircut?

i hate it.
now he is so much less 21 jump street/ winona forever -era johnny depp and so much more an extra from cruising.
(al pacino as undercover cop gettin deep into the gay club scene in the 70s! yeah. i KNOW!)
(um..depending on where you read this lovely blog, the link may be nsfw..just a warning)

i am heartbrokennnnnnn.

oh. ps, almost forgot 2 fave moments.
brody brings a gift (he was raised right!) and lauren says now we have THREE juicers! wtf is wrong with people in LA, man? three juicers?
also: nothin is hotter on a pseudo-date than when the dude says "money!" when the waiter brings your appetizer. stephen colletti, you klassy.

thanks db for all the cruising clips


brendan donnelly said...

its funny how pacino never brings up that one..not even on inside the actors studio.

i still have never seen a full episode of the hills. only half of one and whatever funny shit that say about it on "talk soup"

j.bobby has an r. kelly/ryan gosling in half nelson kinda thing goin on

Sarah said...

1. umm yes that picture of v raging on a turkey leg is awe. some.
2. j bobbers is crushing me with his decision to run away from the j depp look.
he's nothing without that hair.

Unknown said...

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