6 more days til i can be high on life again

ok, now that i have had a chance to BREATHE, comments on the REST of the episode (if you are not watching or are in the UK and not caught up...AVERT YOUR EYEBALLS).

there were just too many good moments.
i will have to say that the line of the night goes to that potato face asher.
"I'm so queer i'm gonna pop your sister's cherry tonight" ! WOW! CLASSY! i haven't heard that term in a hundred years but i'm not a teenager and so i guess that's about right.

um, ONE WHOLE HOUR WITHOUT CHUCK?!? verrry upsetting. but, you guys, HE DOESN'T JUDGE. he supports little gay stepbrother. i love you chuck.

also, new superstar? NELLY YUKI!

MORE NELLY YUKI AND HER FASHION FRAMES! (i love saying her name) i love that she's in the clique! and semi-evil! yaaay nelly yuki!

ADDENDUM i forgot..what was the deal with blair making plans to go to 151?! like, on rivington? whaaaat? c'mon...really? that was the most random reference !


Sarah said...

gimme them grasses

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

I KNOW. i really want new glasses. i'm so pissed(read:jealous) at this bitch. i don't even think her frames have lenses!

she also is a student at hunter college. check it out:


Emily Sher said...

soooo agree about the glasses. very jels.

Angelbaby said...

Nelly Yuki is freakn awesome! Love her and her awesome bazillion pairs of glasses!

MHK said...

is that the girl from gilmore girls?

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