all i wanna do is...

last night was the DEAR VELO show, did you go?

cliff's notes, this was the best thing there:

tiny moss trike!
louise made it!..how great is it???!
jacqueline said it was the nerd of the show because everyone else's pieces were these big like, diamond encrusted track bikes. i say, BEST IN SHOW. if i had a blue ribbon, i'da given it to her.

a portrait of the artist as a violent femme:

her necklace says FUCK and i covet that neon bra every time i see it. she too cute.

this is beverly, i have never met her before but i stalked her vintage balenciaga skirt...steve and i clocked it from a block away:

she got it on EBAY! truly amazing!! i seriously salute you miss b.
(also? she RECOGNIZED ME from blogs such as THIS ONE because i was wearing my dolla billz jangle...whaaaaat)

cedez was amazingly coordinated:

nerds of a feather...me, besos & the enthusiast all like the pink:

even stevie's bike is DESIGNER:

i was given some sweet new WHITE WINGTIPS (my new band name?) by a lovely lady that i work with (her trash is my treasure)...i put black laces in 'em and pretend they are comme:


Riikka Aaltonen said...

Those white shoes are totally amazing!
I'm having a major case of footwear-envy here. :)

brendan donnelly said...

finally some boobs

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

shucks toots. thank you for the virtual blue ribbon!!! muchos besos para ti mi chica (gotta love some patchy espanol)...
that balenc skirt was ridonkulous. had i not been so in show mode i woulda shot her too. also sighted from a block away-genius.
and yay for your new shoes, they the bomb diggity.
big ups love!

Unknown said...

holycrap those wingtips are monumental. i like the color combination with the socks and bag, DKNY RTW to me. in a good way.

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