...and that's why i live for dre.

the scene: me and andrea, maaaany tequila-based drinks in at barrio chino, girl dinnerz and hilarity.

me:..and so melissa saw him at this party and was like um, he looks like trent reznor. which he does NOT.

dre: wait, he's black?

me: (giant eyeballs, then laughing so hard that people stared) UM, WHAT?

dre: oh, wait, sorry i was thinking terence trent d'arby.

me: (MORE giant eyeballs) "wish me love oh wishing well, kiss and tell"? whaaat? no, dre, TRENT REZNOR, cmooon.

dre: oh, right, sorry, sorry. trent reznor, from SOUNDGARDEN? weird.

me: (more laughing, too much laughing) i love you, dreee.

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