back to my happy place

since i know you all watch it and you don't need me to tell ya bout it, a full review of gossip girl this week won't be necessary, right? (but how goood was it! it had me saying WHY IS IT SO GOOD?!, to my teevee, by myself. nerd!)

i will just post pictures of charles (cause he looks so formal!) instead.

don't you feel better about today?


Amy Grace said...

I've been reading your blog for some weeks now, and I think you are superawesome. And it brings me so much joy to know that I'm not the only twentysomething who is in love with this show. Also, you dress real nice.

White Lightning said...

feel no SHAME amy grace. so many of my friends watch this! this a safe haven for those of us who live for teen drama even though we were born in the late 70s & early 80s.


thank you very much.
you haircut is adorbs.

microtard said...

is charles smoking a pinner, a lollipop stick or a virginia slim ultra light? DUNNO!

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